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Dornie and District Community Hall 

Committee Meeting held on 3/6/24



1. Present:  Jane MacRae, Barbara Haigh, Rosie Greville,Donald Finlayson, Ann Llyod, Christine Matheson, Anne Gill, Rosie MacLeod, Colin MacKenzie, Steven Gillies


2. Apologies: Gayle Morison, Lynne MacSween, Fay MacKenzie
































3. Previous Meeting Minutes and Matters Arising 

QR code for the donation box for the toilets can only be set up once we have the new bank account sorted.

The donations have been healthy from the box beside the toilets. New Agreement for Toilets-Highland Council will pay £5,087.

Doe will send an invoice to Christine monthly.

Pat Testing-completed

Hall Doors-Perspex has been ordered and Bally Sylvester will fit this.

Electricity Costs/Meters-Ronnie Lamont will price the cost of replacement bulbs. A decision will need to be made on whether the meters all need to be replaced. Ann will ask Ronnie if you can still purchase coin operated meters. Ann is still hoping to meet up with Murdo (electrician) for some advice.

Ann will contact Sandy Murray for a contact email address for Ovo-who are the owner of the meters.  










































4. Fire Protection System

Jane and Christine met up with the representative from McGregors Fire Protection Services who was inspecting the hall. There were a number of actions identified as needing attention including the emergency lightening needing replaced-not on the right circuit. There needs to be another smoke detector fitted.Also, the zones were not correct and need to be determined.

He will send out a full report and list of actions needed with a quote -this will be looked at in the next meeting.

5. Hall Website/Facebook Page

Minutes to be uploaded to the website by Lynne

Adverts-Ann felt that it didn’t look good to see these when accessing the website. It was agreed that we should upgrade and pay the subscription so these would no longer be showing.

The Facebook page is now active.















6. Fundraising

Cheviot, Stag and the Black Black Oil-14th June. Tickets are free to order but a donation at the door would be expected. There will also be a raffle and donations of prizes are needed. 

Shona is providing the projector. The screen in the hall will be adequate and Steven will set this up. Colin will work the sound. Shona, Steven and Colin plan to have a practice run beforehand. Colin has also very kindly offered to donate his PA System to the hall but new cables would need to ordered. 

Ceilidh-31st AugustThe Fling Band are available and it was agreed that we would book them. Colin will be responsible for the sound. Steven would organise the bar and it was thought that the small room would be best for this. The hall will need to apply for a licence which Colin will organise. More planning will be done at a future meeting. 
















7. Mountaineering Club Response/Decision

This was discussed and agreed that only emergency services such as the RAF would be allowed to book the hall for weekends. Lynne to be asked to contact the University Mountaneering Clubs with our decision. 








8. Defibrillator-Location Information

Stickers with the address and postcode of the hall to be attached to the defib and in the foyer of the hall.











Booking Secretary Report

Lynne was not present but emailed to say that there was wasn’tanything out of the ordinary for hall bookings for next month so nothing to add to minutes.








Treasurers Report

Christine has given the folder of accounts to Karen Kennedy to be audited. Donations from the box at the toilets from 29/8/23 to 18/5/24 is £2,675.19. This includes two donations of £200 and £350 from two different bus companies.

The readings from the meters are higher again. 










9. AGM

Monday 22nd July at 7pm

A notice of this will need to be displayed in the hall and on the facebook page.  









10.  There has been a request for the hall to be used for the election on 4th July. The charge will be £150.


Fay asking for a checklist for users of the hall.  Although there is one on the booking forms it was thought it would be very useful to also have one displayed. Fay to be asked to compile this which can be laminated. Steven will do the one for the kitchen.










































































































































































































Minutes of Hall Meeting


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