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Conditions of Hire & Users Guide

Contents :- Entry/Heating/Setting up

                   Traffic Management






3 Switches in the foyer must be switched on and left on throughout the event. This ensures that the emergency lights, inside and out, are ‘ON’.

Each organiser/hirer must familiarise himself/herself with the locations of Emergency Exits, muster point & fire equipment before the event begins and be familiar with the alarm board function.


When setting up for your event you must ensure that all Emergency Exits are kept clear at all times. All fire action posters and emergency exit signs must be visible. For functions using drapes/indoor marquees you must ensure the emergency exit signs and electrical switches are not obscured.  Please let the booking secretary know if you are using drapes/ an indoor marquee.

Fire appliances must not be moved from their designated position.

To aid energy conservation please close doors and windows which are not required for ventilation.



The main hall wall heaters are controlled by the wall mounted thermostat to the left of the door as you enter the main hall, should you require extra heat adjust the thermostat accordingly. At the end of the function please return setting to just above minimum and leave the master switch off. Do not change the setting of any of the storage heaters.

Should any heating or lighting circuit trip and require re-setting then please contact the hall keeper or key issuer.


Chairs & tables.

Chairs and tables are kept in the foyer store with the sliding doors. Please be careful not to injure yourself or anyone else when moving trolleys and be careful not to damage the doors/walls with the trolleys.

There are 15 large (2 metres long) stacking tables, 6 smaller square tables and 190 chairs available.

All furniture must be returned to the appropriate racks at the end of the event in a clean condition. When returning tables to the trolley please put them FACE TO FACE to avoid damage.

Doors which you find locked should all be locked before departure and all lights must be switched off. The main front door light works on a sensor and, though switched off, allow you time to get to your vehicle.

Please make sure that any damage or breakages are reported when you return the keys. Any damage/breakages will be have to be restored prior to return of deposit.


Traffic Management.

Please remember that access for emergency vehicles must be maintained at all times.

Each organiser should consider appointing marshals to ensure that vehicles are parked sensibly allowing emergency access to adjacent premises and private house nearby at all times as well as to the hall itself. It should be noted that all vehicles parked on hall ground are parked entirely at owner’s risk and the management committee accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.



Toilets, sinks and surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned immediately at the end of each function as they are open for public use at 0800 hrs daily.

Should the hall shower be used the cubicle must be thoroughly cleaned.

The Toilet/Hall interconnecting door must be LOCKED at the end of each function.




Instructions for the correct operation of the dishwasher, bains marie, water boiler are displayed alongside each item of equipment.(remember to clean filter at the base of the dishwasher) .

 Please ensure the cooker is left clean and the yellow gas lever is OFF after use(at right angles to the supply pipe) .

Should additional hot water be required then please activate the boost button in the boiler cupboard located in the Maktoum Room.

Please ensure all fridges are emptied and cleaned after use.

Please make sure that you switch off and unplug all equipment prior to leaving and switch the dishwasher off at the wall behind appliance.

Cupboard contents are displayed on the doors, please clean and return all items crockery, glassware and cutlery to the correct cupboards/drawers after use.

Take all items of unused food away with you.



The stage curtains must only be operated by the draw cords alongside the lighting control unit. The blackout curtains are held by velcro patches and any changes must be done carefully, do not allow children to play with the curtains..

The lighting control unit must only be operated by competent individuals the instructions are kept with the unit. Key for unit held in kitchen drawer



The main hall areas must be cleared and clean at the end of the function or by 11am on the day following a major function such as a wedding, unless agreed otherwise

Please sweep all floors. Wet mop as required.

Please make sure that all rubbish both internal and external is removed to the outdoor bins or re-cycling area as appropriate prior to departure but please do not recycle after 8 pm.

Close all windows and lock all doors and return the keys to the key-holder.

Switch all lights off

Please reinstate the parking area padlock on departure

Users will forfeit all or part of their deposit if the hall is not restored to the standard it was prior to take-over.


Any electrical equipment brought in for use in the Hall must be correctly certified.


Terms of let:


No Smoking is allowed in any part of the building

Alcohol sales are not permitted in Dornie Hall unless the hirer has a valid Occasional Licence from Highland Council and the conditions outlined in the public entertainments licence MUST be enforced.

No illegal drugs are allowed on the premises and the hirer is obliged to report any breach of this condition to the Police

Payment for the hire is to be prompt and non regular users will be asked to provide a monetary bond prior to hire.

It remains the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the above terms and conditions are adhered to and that users abide a reasonable code of conduct and that conditions laid down in the entertainments licence are followed.

Any organisation dealing with children must have a child protection policy in place and available for viewing by the bookings secretary

Late cancellation of booking may incur a charge

A £100 deposit is required for any functions using the full hall, to be paid by cheque payable to “Dornie Hall” and sent to the Bookings Secretary.


Any breach of the conditions of hire or contravention of the public entertainments licence will be  severely dealt with by the Management Committee.      

Valid as of  1 September 2011

This hall does not have any permanent or full-time staff and we ask that all users treat it with respect and leave it clean and tidy for the next users.

 Please return all items used to where you found them in a clean condition.

When booking the hall please make clear what facilities and equipment you wish to use so that you will be given the correct keys to access stores. The person who makes the booking will be considered the person responsible for all matters arising from the let.


If using the kitchen please be aware that you must bring your own dish towels and cloths. Washing up liquid and dishwasher fluid is supplied along with general cleaning fluid and floor cleaning fluid, mops and buckets colour coded as follows:- Blue – general; Yellow – kitchen; Red –toilets.


Mops and buckets are stored outside the back door and must be returned there. Brooms and brushes are stored in the cupboard at the back of the main hall.


There are instruction sheets in the blue folder in the drawer to the right of the cooker for all items in the kitchen. Please make sure that you read these before trying to operate equipment for the first time. In particular note that the cooker WILL NOT work without the fan. Also note that there MUST be plenty water in the bains marie to avoid damage. Check regularly during use.

If you wish to sell alcohol at your function you must let the committee know who your licencee will be and give us a written list of all stewards for the event.


Please be aware that you are responsible for removing all rubbish from the premises AND making sure it is not left in bags outside.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance for your event or activity and you may be asked to show the relevant certificates to the committee. If you have any activities for children, you must be able to show the committee your child protection policy if asked.


Any breakages or damage must be notified to a committee member immediately.


Times of departure must be strictly adhered to so that the facility will be ready for the next user.

Please remember that our contract with the council for the public use of the toilets requires at least one week notice in event of closure during normal opening hours so you must give us notice at least 10 days in advance if you wish to ask for the exclusive use of the toilets.


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